Thorough and Professional Curtain Cleaning in Salford at Affordable Rates

Curtain Cleaning in Salford Curtain cleaning in Salford does not have to mean you teetering on a ladder. You don’t have to climb up and down every six inches to move the ladder so you can reach the next bit. You take them down and either wash them or send them out to be dry cleaned. Then you repeat the process when you put them back up. No wonder it’s the one cleaning task you put off doing as long as possible.  After all, they don’t look dirty. Just don’t shake them and nobody will know there is a dust storm forming on the top of your curtain rod. Then too, don’t you notice that bit of colour fading after you’ve washed them? The curtains also seem a little bit limp and don’t drape quite as full as before. Oh, and sending them out to be dry cleaned really takes the life out of the fabric and puts a hole in your budget.

We have been cleaning the carpets, furnishings and curtains for our domestic and commercial customers for decades. In Salford, curtain cleaning is an economical option our customers appreciate. We do not even have to take the curtains down. We use a mild cleaning solution and the appropriate tools to thoroughly clean your curtains while they are hanging in place. When we finish, your curtains look and smell clean and fresh. Our cleaning method puts the life back in your curtains and keeps them looking new much longer. It’s a lot safer for our customers as well. Especially those who should not be stretching themselves from the top rung of a ladder.

Curtain cleaning in Salford is part of our full service commercial and domestic cleaning service. We are a well-known and respected company throughout the area. We have the most effective carpet cleaning system for all types of rugs, carpets and carpet tiles. The same is true for your upholstered furnishings, including leather. Add to that our curtain cleaning service and you will enjoy a fresh clean environment that smells as clean as it is. Contact Barton Cleaning Services for a free quote for one, or a combination of, our cleaning services. Your home, restaurant, office or other commercial space will make a great first impression.

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