Tried and True Methods for Curtain Cleaning in Droylsden

Curtain Cleaning in DroylsdenCurtain cleaning in Droylsden is one of our many services at Barton Cleaning Services. Our cleaning service has been established for over 35 years, so perhaps you’ve heard of our company. Our clientele includes both domestic and commercial customers. Some of our regulars date back for many years. We use the latest innovations and where appropriate, the old tried and true methods for cleaning and freshening carpets and furnishings. You know, carpet and upholstery cleaning freshens the air in rooms but the job isn’t really done until drapes and/or curtains are cleaned as well. Some people take their curtains down to wash and iron them and then rehang. Others take them down and depend on dry cleaning before rehanging.

One thing is pretty universal when it comes to curtain and drape cleaning; nobody likes taking them down and rehanging. We are pretty sure that somewhere in Droylsden, curtain cleaning has been put off for so long the owners are likely to consider replacing them rather than cleaning them. They don’t know that on site curtain cleaning, without removing them, is one of our services. When you get up close and personal with your curtains, especially near the top, you will realise the cleaning issue is primarily dust. But the dusty fabrics also hold odours. We clean the curtains before we clean the carpets and upholstery because we really make the dust fly. If there are stains on your curtains, we can usually remove them easily.

Before curtain cleaning in Droylsden, we first do a fabric test. We do the same test for your carpets and upholstery. We use a gentle setting on our vacuum equipment and a soft brush to thoroughly remove the dust. The freshener cleaners we use on upholstery works well on curtains as well, without soaking them. Steam cleaning is also an option that leaves no residue behind. Whichever method is right for your fabrics is the one we use for cleaning, stain removal and freshening. Contact Barton Cleaning Services and we’ll give you our low price for curtain cleaning on site. Or, let us quote you a price for carpet, upholstery and curtain cleaning all in one visit. Do that a couple of times a year and your carpets, furnishings and curtains will look and smell great as well as lasting longer.

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