Curtain Cleaning in Worsley

Curtain Cleaning in WorsleyDid you know curtain cleaning in Worsley is part of our services? We do curtains along with upholstery and carpet. You may already be familiar with the routine of taking down all your curtains, removing the hangers and either taking them to the dry cleaners or daring to wash them in your own washing machine. That’s only half the battle. You have to get them rehung and hope the wrinkles fall out soon. So, how long can you stand with your arms over your head while holding on to heavy drapery folds? It’s a very tiring job and fairly tedious as well. If you really want to ache all over try rehanging the curtains while they’re still wet. The real disappointment is after you do get them up, wrinkles are still there when they dry. Needless to say, curtain cleaning is not a task most people undertake frequently. After all, they don’t look dirty.

If you think your curtains aren’t dirty, give them a good shake while the sun is shining in. In Worsley, curtain cleaning is as important as carpet cleaning and for the same reason. They don’t necessarily look dirty and there may not be stains but they hold the dust mites, skin cells, allergens and odours that your carpet does. We can clean your curtains without removing them. If you schedule us for carpet and upholstery cleaning twice a year, why not include your curtains as well so the whole room gets a thorough professional clean? Our methods are safe for your fabrics yet very effective. Your curtains won’t be worn out with machine washing or left limp and chemical smelling from the dry cleaner.

Curtain cleaning in Worsley, just like carpet and upholstery cleaning requires maintenance between professional cleanings. Keep your windows and window sills clean. On cleaning day when you thoroughly vacuum your furnishings and carpets include your curtains but vacuum them first. Shake them out so much of the dust falls to the floor. Use your vacuum hand brush to vacuum the top few inches of your curtains because that’s where most of the dirt settles. What settles on the floor can be cleaned up when you vacuum the carpets. Contact Barton Cleaning Services and trust your soft furnishings, carpets and curtains to us. Your whole house will be fresh, clean and odour free and your curtains, carpets and furnishings will last longer and keep their new look.

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