Carpet Stain Removal in Prestwich

Carpet Stain Removal in PrestwichWe undertake carpet stain removal in Prestwich while cleaning your carpets using Dry Fusion. This is the system we use for cleaning your carpets and upholstery better than they’ve ever been cleaned before, in less time, and ready to walk on in 30 minutes. This revolutionary all in one cleaning system is ideal for all carpets because it cleans, removes stains, and deodorises the carpet. There is no water left to dry in your carpet where moulds can grow which aggravate allergies and leave a musty smell behind. Besides, who wants to wait days for a carpet to dry? Certainly not a home with children. For sure commercial enterprises like restaurants and office spaces like the thirty-minute drying time. Plus, the machine operates quietly which is appreciated along with the quick dry time, by offices, multi-family housing, hospitals and nursing homes.

Our carpet cleaning service has been established for thirty-five years so we are familiar with and have used most cleaning systems. Our tests confirm in Prestwich, carpet stain removal using the innovative dry fusion all in one system is the best and most effective. It combines the machine, a non-toxic cleaning solution, a stain protector and continuous heat creating a thermal action. Not only does the system clean stains, but it also acts as a stain blocker and the heat allows for quick drying. Odours are pulled out along with dirt leaving nothing behind to attract dirt. Even the air will smell fresh and clean. You won’t be turning on fans to try and dry out the carpet because its heat dried which means it doesn’t depend on airflow for drying.

Using our dry fusion carpet stain removal in Prestwich, Barton Cleaning Services will remove stains you don’t even know are there. Not all stains show up, especially on a patterned carpet and light coloured liquids may not be noticeable on any carpet. Even though you can’t see them, stains still add to unpleasant odours trapped in your carpet. Food crumbs fall through the pile and get ground in. A vacuum doesn’t always pull them out. Contact us for a thorough dry fusion carpet cleaning. Frequently cleaned carpets wear longer and maintain their lustre. It’s hardly an inconvenience at all since our freshly cleaned carpets are ready to walk on in thirty minutes.

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