Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Salford

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in SalfordTake advantage of Barton Cleaning Services and their offer of commercial carpet cleaning in Salford if your in-house cleaning team is unable to complete the work. We specialise in various types of cleaning using the latest technology and materials to offer the best services to both our commercial and domestic clients. We understand the various implications of cleaning carpets in a high foot-traffic area, such as restaurants or hotel lobbies, and that’s why we offer carpet cleaning services with the least amount of downtime. We’re pleased to say that the carpets we clean for commercial properties can dry within 30 minutes.

We also understand that you’ll want as little downtime as possible while having your carpets cleaned.  In Salford, commercial carpet cleaning is an area we are experienced in. While your lobby or office’s carpets may be regularly swept and vacuumed, you do need to have deep cleaned to ensure they are completely clean. This is particularly true for carpets exposed to the general public, such as the lobby of your bed and breakfast, or the rec hall of your church. We are experienced in cleaning many different types of carpets in commercial properties. These include restaurants, doctors’ surgeries, offices, nursing homes, pubs, and hospitals. The equipment we use is high tech but is also built to keep noise to a minimum. The detergents used in our carpet cleaning are powerful and will kill germs, bacteria, and will retard the growth of mould. It also removes stains. Best of all, it smells good, so you will have a spotlessly clean carpet that smells fresh.

We recommend our services for commercial carpet cleaning in Salford. We have earned an enviable reputation for delivering a first-rate service at a competitive price. To find out how we can assist you with commercial carpet cleaning, contact Barton Cleaning Services.  We are proud to say that our services are reliable, professional and cost-effective. By having your carpets professionally cleaned is only beneficial to you, your business and your employees.

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