Leather Sofa Cleaning in Prestwich

Leather Sofa Cleaning in PrestwichLeather sofa cleaning in Prestwich is best left to trained, experienced professionals. At Barton Cleaning Services, we use the latest cleaning technologies, equipment and products to ensure that your carpets, upholstery and soft furnishings remain fresh, hygienic and super clean. We use modern cleaning detergents to ensure that no damage is done to your expensive sofas, carpets, curtains and rugs. These state of the art products not only remove stains, grime and dirt, they also get rid of unpleasant odours. These cleaning products are also anti-bacterial, anti-allergenic and anti-fungal to keep your home safe from harmful illnesses and allergies. We provide expert cleaning for all kinds of suites, ranging from traditional, classical and antiques to contemporary pieces.

Harsh cleaning materials can damage the leather, cause wrinkles, fading, fraying, spots and shrinkage. In Prestwich, leather sofa cleaning is not a one size fits all job. Different types of leather have different cleaning requirements. Cleaning leather suites should be done carefully by those with the knowledge and expertise to do a proper job. These sofas bring class and elegance to any room and can last for several decades if they’re treated well. Being very expensive, most people are worried about getting them cleaned by people who don’t have the skills or use the wrong products and equipment. Generally, the manufacturer provides care instructions, but if you’ve purchased second-hand, you may not have them with you. In general, there are two types of leather: Protected and Unprotected. Protected leather has additional protective layers of dye/pigment to make it more strong, stain-resistant and uniform. Wrong cleaning methods make this leather stiffer and shiner, causing it to crack and harden.

Leather sofa cleaning in Prestwich is one of our specialities and our technicians can give you valuable tips on caring for your expensive leather furniture. Contact us today for more information about our leather sofa cleaning service. Unprotected leather is the more expensive option. It has a softer and more luxurious feel but is less durable and stain-resistant. Furniture upholstered with this type of leather has to be handled with great care. A simple dusting/vacuuming routine is sufficient unless it is badly stained.

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