Dry Carpet Cleaning in Pendlebury

Dry Carpet Cleaning in PendleburyDry carpet cleaning in Pendlebury is the finest method we at Barton Cleaning Services use for both domestic and commercial carpets. The term “dry” is not used as it would be for dry cleaning of clothing. We use a liquid cleaning solution to clean the carpets but our powerful suction machine pulls all the dirt along with the liquid from your carpet. It feels dry right away and it’s completely dry within 30 minutes. The drying time for traditional carpet cleaning is often the reason customers procrastinate carpet cleaning. The room is not usable until it dries and that can take 48 hours. That’s not practical for a busy household or for a commercial business. Yet, when you put off carpet cleaning your environment, including air quality and odours are is not clean.

Everyone who wants a mould free, clean and fresh smelling carpet will benefit from this dry suction method. In Pendlebury, dry carpet cleaning is especially useful for restaurants, hospitals, medical clinics and schools. The carpets must be kept clean yet you can’t just shut the doors for long periods of time. Those sensitive to allergens like mould benefit from this kind of carpet cleaning. You see if it takes two days for carpet to dry, that gives mould spores time to grow in the fibres of the wet carpet. Having the carpet dry in 30 minutes prevents the growth of bacteria and mould creating healthier air quality. The air will smell fresh and clean as well because no residue is left behind.

Dry carpet cleaning in Pendlebury used by our experienced staff is safe and leaves your carpet clean. The suction is powerful, pulling out all the dirt so no grit is left behind to break down carpet fibres. The old traditional method left behind anything that couldn’t be vacuumed up after the carpet was dry. Remember that gummy residue that seemed to attract dirt? Contact Barton Cleaning Services to experience a truly clean carpet for yourself. Our 35 years of experience tells us dry carpet cleaning is not only the most effective but also safe for most carpets. We don’t use harsh chemicals and the suctioning, while powerful, is still gentle to your carpet fibres.

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