Mattress Cleaning in Bury

Mattress Cleaning in BuryAlong with carpet, drapes and upholstery, we include mattress cleaning in Bury. You may think your mattress doesn’t need cleaning; you shower and change sheets regularly. You vacuum your floors and upholstery regularly but you still have them professionally cleaned once or twice a year. We already have all the equipment and our cleaning processes for dry cleaning work wonderfully on mattresses too. Naturally, we don’t want to get a mattress wet but if there are stains we can usually remove them if they’re not very old.

Keep the damp mattress clear of bedding and open to the air then call us. In Bury, mattress cleaning of wet and stained mattresses must have all the moisture extracted or mold could grow. We’ll vacuum the baking soda and use our extractor to finish the drying process. When we’re finished your mattress will be clean again and smell fresh. Clean and fresh are good enough reasons on their own to schedule a mattress cleaning once or twice a year and vacuum the mattress frequently between cleanings. It’s not a pretty picture but you are sloughing off gazillions of skin cells while you sleep and dust mites that you can’t even see feed on those old skin cells. A good mattress costs big bucks so take care of it by keeping it clean and smelling fresh.

When your child gets sick in his new big boy bed think about mattress cleaning in Bury. It’s much nicer than secretly calculating the cost of a new mattress while your child sobs in discomfort. People used to turn their mattress every six months or a year so it would wear evenly. In those days mattress went all the way through from top to bottom; same on both sides. They would keep the same mattress for 30 years or all their life and clean them by beating the dust out. Contact Barton Cleaning Services for all your carpet, upholstery, drapes and mattress cleaning. It’s a much better solution than beating the dirt out with a stick. Your mattress will smell better too.

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