Leather Sofa Cleaner in Salford

Leather Sofa Cleaner in SalfordUse a professional leather sofa cleaner in Salford to avoid damage from using one of the many available products on the market. We use only the best quality products and technology to provide an efficient service for all carpet and upholstery cleaning. Leather is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious materials for upholstery and adds a touch of elegance to your home. They are however more difficult to maintain than other upholstery materials. They should not be wiped down with a wet cloth as that could damage the leather as will various cleaners like bleach and ammonia based cleaners.

Your stunning beautiful and expensive furniture will need to be professionally cleaned. In Salford, leather sofa cleaning is just one of our expert services.  Although leather is a very durable material it is porous in nature. It should be properly cleaned about twice a year to keep it in good condition. The usual way to clean the leather is to remove all dust by vacuuming the sofa. Dust is abrasive by nature and can cause tiny scratches in the leather. We then use a special cleaner to remove any dirt that may be on the leather. Our cleaning process will also remove any mould or mildew that may have started to grow since the last clean.

We offer the services of a professional leather sofa cleaner in Salford. Contact Barton Cleaning Service today and see how we can bring your old furniture back to life. We have over 35 years of experience in the business and take great pride in offering one of the best cleaning services in your area. We offer a full cleaning service from carpets to upholstery of all types and curtains too. The curtains can be cleaned while hanging.  We also offer a professional hard floor cleaning service. Our modern detergents not only remove stains but odours too and they have anti-bacterial and anti-allergy properties for a complete cleaning experience. Why not get us to do all the professional cleaning in one session?

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