Persian Rug Cleaning in Hyde

Persian rug cleaning in HydeDo you require Persian rug cleaning in Hyde for your heirloom?

A Persian rug is timeless treasure.These speciality rugs are woven from fine silks and wools. All handmade in Iran, they depict flowers, scenes from the royal court, battles and even mosques. Persian rugs are highly sought after and prized for their fine craftsmanship. Prices can go from a thousand pounds to much higher. Considering they are such a novelty item, Persian rugs require special care and maintenance. This means you cannot subject them to regular carpet cleaning procedures. You have to seek out a specialist carpet cleaner.

If you reside in Hyde, Persian rug cleaning services are offered by Barton Cleaning Services. We are one of the few service providers that are skilled and experienced in the art of cleaning Persian rugs. We use special cleaning solutions and tools to clean your precious Persian rug, ensuring that it restores back to its former glory. Barton Cleaning Services has been in operation since 1980. We are a family run business with a small but dedicated workforce. Our speciality is commercial and domestic upholstery and carpet cleaning. Apart from cleaning Persian rugs, we also offer sofa and curtain cleaning, commercial cleaning, leather suite cleaning, office, retail and contract cleaning, deep cleaning, hardwood floor cleaning, mattress cleaning and even factory maintenance and cleaning. For large cleaning projects, we will conduct a site visit and offer you a free consultation.

If you have a timeless heirloom carpet, it is best get Persian rug cleaning in Hyde. Avoid using regular cleaning solutions as this can destroy the delicate fibres of a Persian rug. This speciality rug requires a gentle touch with just the right amount of care to make it clean. Contact Barton Cleaning Services with your Persian rug cleaning questions. We will be happy to offer you a free consultation or quote. We are proud members of the National Carpet Cleaners Association. At Barton Cleaning Services, we do carpets right!

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