Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Bury

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in BuryCommercial carpet cleaning in Bury is an ongoing task if you want to keep your place of business a clean and sanitary place to work and serve your customers and clients. There was a time when carpet cleaning day meant complete evacuation of the premises for at least three days. Once a year business just stopped so the carpet could be cleaned. Fortunately, that’s no longer necessary and for the sake of our health commercial carpets are cleaned more frequently. At Barton Cleaning Services, we have been cleaning the carpets of commercial customers throughout the area for many years. Some clients call us or we call them when they’re due for a cleaning and others have contracted for regularly scheduled cleanings throughout the year.

Our most frequently used cleaning method is Dry Fusion. Using this method in Bury, commercial carpet isn’t just cleaned; it is sanitised, deodorised, puts down a stain blocker and dries in 30 minutes. Our dry fusion method dries in 30 minutes because we use heat. That’s a convenient feature of our cleaning process but it’s much more. Moisture is not left in the carpet fibres which helps prevent mould, mildew, bacteria and odours. The stain guard is heat bonded which makes it highly effective in carpet stain prevention. Our cleaning solution is safe for all carpets, even wool, yet removes more stains than any solution we have used during our years in business.

If your business is a restaurant, hospital, physicians’ offices, school or any other environment with heavy foot traffic, Dry Fusion is the commercial carpet cleaning in Bury you want. Our team of commercial cleaners have an excellent reputation for attention to detail. We set a high standard at Barton Cleaning Services and clients know they can count on us to keep their facilities compliant with health standards. Contact Barton Cleaning Services if your commercial carpet needs thorough cleaning with little disruption to the flow of business. You get so much more than a clean carpet with our Dry Fusion method. With a sanitised and fresh smelling carpet you get cleaner air.

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