Dry Carpet Cleaning in Audenshaw

Dry Carpet Cleaning in AudenshawDry carpet cleaning in Audenshaw is possible with our latest specialised machines. There are chemicals that have been especially designed to make carpet cleaning easier and more efficient. We normally spray on a solution which breaks the greasy binding of dirt to carpets.  It is usually mixed with a solvent which evaporated very quickly leaving the carets dry. The advantage of a dry or very low moisture system is that it takes very little time for the carpet to dry and within minutes the carpet is spotless and dry. This system is perfect for either domestic or commercial use where you do not have the time to wait for a traditional wet compound to clean your carpet.

When you want a clean, but not wet floor covering in Audenshaw, dry carpet cleaning can rid your flooring of dirt without leaving it sopping. Another method of dry carpet cleaning is encapsulation where a deep cleaning compound is applied to the carpet and the polymers encapsulate the dirt particles on contact.  They are like little sponges and absorb all the dirt before being removed from the carpet by our machines. This leaves the carpet completely dry and clean as all the dust and dirt is collected. This method of cleaning is so efficient it is recommended by many manufacturers as potentially longer lasting and healthier as it removes dirt, grit, sand and allergens from all carpets.

If you are looking for dry carpet cleaning in Audenshaw, then we are the company that can fulfil your wants. Contact Barton Cleaning Services today and experience our wonderful no-moisture carpet cleaning solution. These are some of the new technologies which benefit the customer.  If you have a business then the last thing you need is a patch of wet carpet that your clients walk on. This can lead to more dirt being left on the carpet or the customers shoes becoming wet and causing them to slip when they walk in smoother surfaces.

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