Dry Carpet Cleaning in Dukinfield

dry carpet cleaning in DukinfieldBarton Cleaning Services uses a dry carpet cleaning in Dukinfield that makes it a lot easier to schedule a carpet cleaning time. Whether its home or commercial, it’s difficult to stay off the floors for any long time while they dry. Families and businesses can get their carpets cleaned when they need it and only wait 30 minutes to walk on them. The cleaning system is called Dry Fusion and the product we use to clean and protect your carpet is Bactoshield. The product is perfect for today’s new denser carpets. When these new carpets are cleaned with water, they have to air dry and there’s not a lot of air moving through the fibres so. The carpets can stay wet long enough for mould and mildew to form and you lose the freshly cleaned smell.

Dry Fusion carpet cleaning with Bactoshield dry cleans your carpet, deodorisers it and leaves behind a stain blocker. That stain blocker adheres to the carpet fibres blocking stains and protecting it from moulds, bacteria and other odours in Dukinfield. Dry carpet cleaning is popular in health care facilities because the cleaning solution removes odours and stains; even the worse urine stains and odours. The process is quieter and less disruptive of the surrounding areas. Foot traffic is only interrupted a short time. Your home carpet and environment deserves the same care and convenience. Kids, pets, sickness and forgotten shoe removal occur in your home just as any health or commercial facility.

We love dry carpet cleaning in Dukinfield at Barton Cleaning Services and so do our commercial and domestic customers. We hot clean the carpet using bursts of steam which heats the fibres while cleaning. Then we dry the carpet with heat which is quick and effective. Contact Barton Cleaning Services for all your cleaning needs and we will show you the effectiveness of Dry Fusion carpet cleaning. We take your carpet cleaning beyond clean with the dry fusion all in one process. We remove stains, odours, mould and mildew and then add a preventative to keep the carpet fibres clean and fresh.

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