Dry Carpet Cleaning in Hyde

Dry Carpet Cleaning in HydeDry carpet cleaning in Hyde is often necessary, especially for delicate, old or very large carpets. Wet carpet cleaning can cause colours to run or fade, and ruin the structure of the thread or pile of the carpet too. If not done properly, wet carpet cleaning can also make matters worse if your carpet is wearing thin or is made from fibres or materials that warp or react negatively to water. This is why dry carpet cleaning is a much more viable option, especially if you have very valuable or precious carpets. It is also safer if you are not sure where you got your carpet or what it is made from.

Of course, dry carpet cleaning, like wet cleaning, should be conducted by a professional. In Hyde, dry carpet cleaning specialists from Barton Cleaning Services will ensure the highest level of care is taken when cleaning your carpets, and promise excellent results. Our Dry Fusion carpet cleaning technique is honed to precision and offers a deep, thorough clean. It is suitable for carpeting in offices, nursing homes, restaurants, pubs, sports clubs, hospitals and doctors’ surgeries, among many more. It is ideal for high traffic areas where extensive drying times could be a problem, as Dry Fusion carpet cleaning reduces this time and keeps noise and disruption to minimum too. We also use Bactoshield, an all-in-one dry cleaner, stain blocker and deodoriser for carpets. It is safe to apply to any carpet and fights mould, mildew and odours as well as cleaning, deodorising and stain removal. Bactoshield makes the carpet dry quickly after our Dry Fusion process, making it a winning combination that delivers the most innovative carpet cleaning solution.

Our Dry Fusion technique for dry carpet cleaning in Hyde ensures a thoroughly dry and clean carpet within thirty minutes. Contact Barton Cleaning Services today for dry carpet cleaning that exceeds expectations. We are experienced professionals in carpet, upholstery and contract cleaning and aim to provide the best level of service and care with every client. Our prices are competitive and our results are extremely satisfying.

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