Curtain Cleaning in Hyde

Curtain Cleaning in HydeCurtain cleaning in Hyde is a good idea when you are moving to a new home. We can remove the curtains for you and deliver them to your new home or return them to you before you leave. This is the best time to arrange to have the upholstery and carpets cleaned too. When you receive your furniture at the new premises it is all fresh and dust free. If your new home has carpets it might be a good idea to have them cleaned before moving in. We have a revolutionary new cleaning system called Dry Fusion. This new cleaning method removes dirt, stains and odour from the carpets and it then applies a stain blocker which protects the carpets. Heat is then applied which allows the carpet to dry in 30 minutes. It can be used on all types of carpets, even wool.

Dust mites and other allergens tend to collect in upholstery fabric and window hangings. In Hyde, curtain cleaning on a routine basis can stop your house becoming a dust sink. There are many different types of curtain fabric. Some can be washed but others will be severely damaged if washed in the normal way. We take them to our premises where they are cleaned in the safest and most appropriate way for their particular material. When you have expensive curtains it is not a good idea to try and clean them yourself as it could cost you a new set of curtains.

Curtain cleaning in Hyde is affordable and quick. Contact Barton Cleaning Services today and arrange for our cleaners to make your new home sparkle. When you receive your new clean curtains we suggest that you vacuum them once a week with the upholstery attachment on your Hoover. This will keep them dust free and clean for longer. You should still have them professionally cleaned once a year to remove odours that permeate the fabric and can only be removed through thorough cleaning.

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