End of Tenancy Clean in Dukinfield

End of Tenancy Clean in DukinfieldAn end of tenancy clean in Dukinfield is more than likely required if your rental flat is now vacant. This is a thorough cleaning that addresses all major rooms on your rental property such as the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. It also includes general cleaning services such as dusting light switches and shades, lifting and vacuuming under mattresses, cleaning glass surfaces with a cleaner, vacuuming upholstery, clearing drawers and shelves of rubbish, wiping down doors, handles and windows. The kitchen is usually the “dirtiest” of all rooms because it is used most frequently. Some cleaning services that it may require include cleaning sinks and taps to remove lime scale deposits; thoroughly cleaning the dishwasher and exteriors of all appliances such as the oven, kettle and toaster; cleaning out dust bins inside and out; degreasing wall tiles; and washing and polishing all surfaces. The bathroom is typically the next “dirtiest” room and therefore requires services such as descaling; degreasing wall tiles; cleaning the bathtub, toilet bowl, sink and floor; wiping down mirrors; removing old shampoos and soaps; and sanitising floors and fixtures. Some landlords prefer to clean the rental themselves, but if your tenant has resided there for a long time, it likely requires a deep cleaning that only a professional company can provide. Where can you find such cleaning services?

In Dukinfield, end of tenancy clean is an area in which that Barton Cleaning Services specialises. The company was established in 1980 and has since then acquired a reputation for providing outstanding cleaning services. Barton Cleaning Services is a proud member of NCCA and strictly adhere to their standards. They have many years experience in providing professional services for cleaning upholstery, soft furnishing, hard floors and carpets. The company also provides domestic and commercial cleaning services on a contract basis.

If your rental property requires an end of tenancy clean in Dukinfield, contact Barton Cleaning Services today to discuss your requirements. They will be happy to provide you with an estimate on the services you require. Contact Barton Cleaning Services for more information concerning an end of tenancy clean.

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