Sofa Cleaning in Bury

sofa cleaning in BuryCall on a cleaning company when you need sofa cleaning in Bury if your sofa is looking grubby and a bit shabby. Barton Cleaning Services is the place to call. They are equipped to clean any kind of upholstery material, including leather. In operation since 190, they have been providing top of the range cleaning services to their clients. They are experienced in many areas of upholstery, carpet and curtain cleaning.

In Bury, sofa cleaning is done in the comfort of your own home. Using special chemicals they make short work of any stain. Odours that are often present in used sofas can also present a problem. The chemicals that are used in the cleaning of the sofa will eliminate odours as well as functioning as an anti-bacterial and anti-allergen agent. So your sofa will not only smell good after a good clean, but also be free of any dirt that could be detrimental to your health. The experts at Barton use a technique called dry fusion which means that the sofa will be dry quicker than if other techniques were used. While you are having your sofa cleaned, you could ask Bartons to scotch guarded as well. This will prevent future staining and a flame retardant can also be added.

Sofa cleaning in Bury is an inexpensive way to bring new life to an older sofa. Bartons know exactly what type of cleaning materials and detergents to use to correctly clean and deodorise your sofa. Why not get the experts to give you an estimate and expertly clean your sofa, saving you time and energy? Barton Cleaning Services are proud members of the National Carpet Cleaning Association. This is the only UK trade body dedicated to the craft of carpet, upholstery and soft furnishing cleaning. Bartons don’t just clean sofas, they are experts at cleaning carpets, floors, curtains and upholstery. They offer a once off cleaning service, or you could make use of their efficient services on a regular basis. Give them a ring to discuss a cleaning service schedule with them. For more information about sofa cleaning, contact Barton Cleaning Services.

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