Rug Cleaning in Worsley

Rug Cleaning in WorsleyOne way to know if it is time for your rug cleaning in Worsley is to have close friends or family willing to inform you “it stinks in here”. Odours can build up in your soft furnishings like carpets, and you may not notice them yourself. The smell is a combination of doggy body oils, rawhide chews, and seriously slobbered toys along with old cookie crumbs and ground in street dirt. Who knows what is in that dirt. Throw in a few humid days and you have a serious problem. Vacuuming will not clean the rug well enough. You need professional rug cleaners.

In Worsley, rug cleaning should be done by Barton Cleaning Services. It is a company you can trust. After all, you have a sizeable investment in the floor coverings in your home. You risk damage when you leave the cleaning to someone who knows nothing about the differences in carpet fibres. An amateur with a carpet cleaning machine can shorten the life your rug. Barton Cleaning Services is a family owned company with more than 25 years’ experience. During that time, they have seen materials used for rugs change as well as cleaning products and methods. Staying informed and up to date with changes while maintaining traditional customer service values is a sure way to distinguish themselves in the industry.

Barton Cleaning Services performs rug cleaning in Worsley using The Dry Fusion Method. The patented method cleans with heat, deodorises, stain protects, and heat dries all in the same process. You will love it because the cleaning job takes less time and drying time is about 30 minutes. Your carpets are clean, and odours replaced by a fresh smell. It no longer takes the cleaners hours to finish and another 24 hours for the rug to dry. Barton Cleaning Services welcomes commercial customers as well as residential.  You can contract with them to clean the rugs in your offices on a regular schedule. Since they use Dry Fusion for commercial cleaning, your employees and customers will not be inconvenienced. Contact Barton Cleaning Services for efficient and affordable rug cleaning.


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